Where Simplicity Meets Productivity

Where Simplicity Meets Productivity

To keep your Anca machine looking and running like new, one of the most important “Must Do” items is to keep your coolant oil and system clean and cool. Heat and dirt oil over your tools and grinder will destroy your electronics and prematurely wear out the mechanical components of your machine. The optimal machine upkeep can be achieved with Faze Tools’ new Cleaning Tower. This new product delivers cool, clean oil to your tool grinder and components! In addition, it will save you money twice; once on the damage from heat and dirt oil and again in the Cleaning Tower intro pricing.

Most coolant systems that manufacturers are using in today’s factories will put a 10 HP pump with 150 PSI capability on their coolant systems in order to get more pressure at the machine. In an effort to control the manufacturing process, machine operators will put massive amounts of coolant on the part during the production process. Faze Tools has seen hundreds of customers using up to six 3/8 coolant nozzles running at the same time with the supply line to the machine which on average is 1′ in diameter. With this scenario, it is impossible to get all of the pressure the pump is producing. In fact, you will find the pressure at the coolant nozzles running under these conditions to be less then 45 PSI! And the dirty oil returns to the coolant system! Generally a scavenge pump will run the dirty coolant through the filtration media. At this point, the coolant runs through yet another pump to a chiller to control all the heat that is being produced by all these pumps! Think about all of the electricity that you are wasting as well as MONEY. The fact is, most coolant systems use more electricity than the grinder itself!

Faze Tools has developed a simple, cost effective way to keep your coolant clean and cool while using 75 percent LESS oil. Faze Tools researched the market and developed a coolant pump that produces the pressure required for 90 percent manufacturing procedures without generating heat to the coolant. With Cleaning Tower pump, Faze Tools provides coolant nozzles (sized properly) for the system and educate operators on proper placement of these nozzles! Faze Tools thus manages the amount of coolant that is required. Through this simple process, the Cleaning Tower provides cool, clean, coolant to your machine without the use of long run conditions.

Faze Tools also offers options to provide coolant temperature control for heavy manufacturing applications and magnetic separators for high speed applications. Ask us about our exclusive reman warranty; the first in the industry! Call Steve at 586-790-4110 for more details. Save the life of your machine and money. This warranty can be extended for up to two years on the Faze Tools re-manufactured products.

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