ANCA Tool Holder

Cutting-Edge ANCA Tool Holder for ANCA Collets

Customers with multiple ANCA models often run into situations where they need to move tooling from one piece of equipment to another. While this is necessary to get the operation rolling, it is not always feasible and consumes a lot of time. In some cases, this is not possible because of the different mounting configurations. This is where Faze Tools comes to the rescue, turning this job into a cakewalk!

After years of researching and analyzing the problems ANCA grinder owners face while tool manufacturing, we have developed a one-of-a-kind universal holder for ANCA tools that allows you to stock one type of collet for all your ANCA machines, including legacy models. 

One ANCA tool holder, one type of collet, works everywhere!

No more struggle moving tooling from one machine to another. Our newly designed B32/B45 collet adapter allows you to stock even the largest range of collet sizes and incorporates the mounting configurations for almost every legacy model of ANCA machine ever produced. With this universal holder for ANCA tools, you will never have to worry about changing between the different collet sizes. 

A product you can trust

Exceptional customer service and support have always been Faze Tools’ hallmark. We don’t settle for less than providing ANCA customers with the right services and support. With the development of our newly designed ANCA tool holder, we have expanded our expertise to better our customers with our best efforts. We 

Our universal holder for ANCA tools is carefully designed to ease the job of moving tooling from one piece of equipment to another and improve your productivity. We have used the best technology and material available to make this product a reality for our valued customers. For more information, please get in touch with us today. 

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