Application Support

ANCA Application Support

A great ANCA grinder is designed and built to deliver outstanding performance year after year. Unfortunately, times change – and the computing environment changes even faster. Software and computing hardware often reaches obsolescence long before the machine itself does. This can make it difficult to integrate even a high-performing legacy system into a modern production environment.

Faze Tools can help. We’ve developed a variety of proprietary CNC applications designed to extend both the service lives and performance capabilities of many legacy ANCA products, enabling aged units to perform well even by contemporary standards.

Modern Controls for Legacy Systems

Times change and needs change. For older CNC systems to keep up, it’s often necessary to adapt software to contemporary standards. Faze Tools has developed proprietary controller applications to address two key needs:

Simplification –  Some “original equipment” ANCA software was slow, difficult to navigate, and difficult to configure. Faze Tools’ replacement applications simplify processes, shorten learning times, and increase efficiency, providing all of the functions you want and nothing you don’t need.

Capability Enhancement – Some ANCA grinders have technical capabilities which exceeded those of the software controlling them – and a machine’s performance is only as fast, accurate, and precise as allowed by the software driving it. Faze Tools’ applications increase speed, precision, and accuracy of the underlying commands, thus improving performance of the machine itself.

Legacy Application Support

Faze Tools also offers support for original ANCA applications. If you’re encountering difficulties with your existing application, need debugging assistance, or need help installing replacement ANCA software, we’ll be happy to help.

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