Common Types of CNC Cutting Machines

Common Types of CNC Cutting Machines

Common Types of CNC Cutting MachinesFirst introduced in the 1940s and 50s, Computer Numeric Control (CNC) cutting machines are machines that are controlled by a computer and used for milling, drilling, and cutting materials. It is a high-precision tool used frequently in the modern manufacturing world. 

CNC machines are known for their high precision, fast speed, and cost. Most manufacturing industries prefer to go with CNC machines for reasons such as precision and efficiency. In this blog, we will take a look at different types of CNC tool and cutter grinding machines.

CNC Milling Machine

One of the most popular CNC machines on the market are CNC milling machines. With the help of these machines, you will be able to cut metal pieces into different sizes and shapes using rotary cutting tools.

CNC Routers

Although CNC routers operate much like other manually-operated routers and cut materials such as composites, plastic, aluminum, wood, steel, and foam, they contain the unique ability to cut more prototype models and complex shapes. CNC routers are good for high productivity requirements as they quickly produce items using numeric computer control.

CNC Lathes

Employing spinning actions, CNC lathes produce accurate cuts and 3D shapes and molds of materials. CNC lathes are rotary machines that operate with different programming languages. You will find these machines mostly used for making spherical or cylindrical objects.

Plasma Cutters

These are a different type of CNC machine. A plasma cutter cuts metals like steel using a plasma torch, which becomes possible through the conversion of gases that the cutter blows at fast speed. As plasma is known for being extremely hot, it easily melts any metal the machine is cutting.

Electrical Discharge Machines

These can be wire or virtual cutting machines. They cut metals using electric sparks, which makes it easier to achieve materials of specific sizes and shapes.

There are some other CNC machines as well but the ones mentioned above are the most sold machines online. If you need any sort of assistance with ANCA grinding machines, get in touch with Faze Tools. We specialize in ANCA sales, service, and support.

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