Common Mistakes And Problems Machine Operators Face With CNC Machine Tools

Common Mistakes And Problems Machine Operators Face With CNC Machine Tools

When it comes to making fine tools, ANCA CNC grinding tools are a must. They help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. However, when toolmakers experience problems in their CNC machines, they should take the proper steps to fix those problems. Some try to fix the issue on their own, some get in touch with the supplier of the machine, and some search on Google to find solutions. If you are well-versed in CNC machines and their components, then all by means try to fix the issue yourself. However, why waste your precious time and risk doing something wrong with your expensive machines when you have experienced ANCA grinder specialists nearby ready to help? 

Problems Machine Operators Face With CNC Machine Tools
If you ever need assistance with ANCA CNC machine sales, service, or support, you can get in touch with Faze Tools. As the top Midwest non-manufacturer ANCA grinder specialist, we can provide support for the full range of legacy and modern ANCA machines. In this blog, we will tell you some mistakes that toolmakers make while using CNC machine tools. If you steer clear of these mistakes, you won’t face problems such as burn marks on the finishes of machined parts, inaccuracy in machined parts, power supply failures, and other similar problems. 

Not Using Right Cutting Tools And Settings

Toolmakers need to understand that they can get good quality material finishes only if they use the right settings for the job. If they don’t, they’ll notice issues such as rough edges, raised marks, cutter marks on the surface, and burn marks around the material’s corners or edges. In addition to all these, the tool may experience extensive wear. Generally, we notice these types of problems with material finishes either because of the wrong feed/speed ratio. Improper dimensions of the tool could also be responsible for the poor material finishes. That is why it is essential that tool makers always use proper tools and settings for the job and the material. That creates the best size tolerance and repeatability.

Mistakes In Programming

Mistakes in programming can be easily avoided by training new operators in the different methods in which CNC machines can be programmed. It is important to provide new operators with user manuals, motion sequencing, training, and knowledge about machine operation so that they can do their jobs properly. If you need help with software training, you can contact the best ANCA grinder specialists like Faze Tools for in-house or on-site training.

Not Maintaining CNC Machine Tools

CNC machine tools need to be maintained properly and regularly to function optimally. This holds true not just for legacy CNC machines but modern ANCA CNC machines as well. Modern machine tools are made up of several mechanical parts that move constantly. In order to keep these parts in optimal condition, we need to clean them and maintain them regularly. If you ignore their cleaning requirements, it won’t take long for carbide, metal, and other debris to accumulate, which needless to say, causes inaccuracies in machining or even machine failures. To avoid those failures, make sure your machine operators follow all the maintenance requirements of the machine tools you use. It is essential that they regularly inspect things such as coolant filters, air filters, airflow, etc. These inspections are necessary because, for instance, a choked air filter in the cooling system can lead to an overheated spindle. 

Lack of Worker Skill And Training

Whether you like it or not, it is necessary for machine tool operators to possess a unique set of skills and knowledge as computing and programming increase in the tool-making world. You can buy all the new, modern machines but if your workers lack organizational, planning, and programming skills, they won’t be able to get the best out of modern ANCA grinding machines. Even if they have extensive knowledge of working with previous CNC machine models in the past, they will struggle to use the modern models if they are not well-versed in computing and programming. This is why it is essential to hire the right machine operators or train your existing staff in such a manner that they become capable of visualizing and designing the machining process, choosing the right tools and software for the job, and working on programs. Here too you can take assistance from the best ANCA grinder specialists as they know how to integrate a high-performing legacy CNC machine into a modern production environment.

We have looked at the common mistakes machine operators make while using CNC machine tools. Now, let’s take a look at the common problems machine operators face while using CNC machines.

Unexplained Vibration In Machine Tool

While in operation, the CNC machine should not vibrate or produce strange noises. If it does, the life of the tool can get reduced and the quality of the machined part can be affected. To confirm machine vibration, you need to check whether it is the workpiece or the tool that is producing the chatter. Normally, it is recommended that you alter the RPM of the machining process to stop the machining process’ frequencies to resonate with the material frequency. We recommend machining centers to ensure balanced wheel holders when working with spindle speeds above 8,000RPM. If you don’t use those holders, you will surely see vibration marks on your machined parts. Apart from that, your spindle’s life will get shortened and the bearings will fail. Some other problems that machine operators face include clamping and unclamping of chucks and fixtures, issues with automatic tool changers, and machine overheating.

As you can see, using CNC machine tools and producing precise and high-quality machined parts is not easy. If you need any kind of service or support for ANCA CNC modern and legacy machines, you can get in touch with Faze Tools. You will be surprised to know that we provide service and assistance for even those ANCA systems that are no longer supported by ANCA itself. As the best ANCA grinder specialist, we help you get the most out of both new and old CNC machines. We can fix your old CNC machines or we can buy your old CNC machines. If you are looking for an affordable way of purchasing restored  CNC machines, we can provide you with rebuilt ANCA CNC machines at a fraction of the cost of a new machine. To learn more about our services and rebuilds, feel free to call us at 586-790-4110. 

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