CNC Grinding Made Easy with ANCA’s Controller

CNC Grinding Made Easy with ANCA’s Controller

ANCA CNC grinders have taken the market by storm. With more and more fine tool manufacturers switching to these incredible machines, they have become a preferred choice for businesses — thanks to their easy-to-use features. But are they really worth your money? Are the claims real or just another marketing gimmick? This blog sheds light on everything you need to know about ANCA machines.

CNC Grinding Made Easy with ANCA's Controller

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Introduction to ANCA CNC Grinders

Digital technologies continue to dominate almost every industry, and manufacturing is also no exception. Given that accuracy and consistency are essential for producing fine tools, fine tool manufacturers need advanced machinery to achieve optimal results. If you haven’t given automation a thought yet, it is time to make a shift. An ANCA CNC grinder can be an excellent product to start with. 

ANCA CNC controllers make grinding easier than ever while adding efficiency to the manufacturing process. With an integrated network of these advanced CNC machines, you can expect improved productivity and operational efficiency with reduced workforce requirements. However, it is essential to consider the challenges in CNC machining.

Major challenges in fine tool manufacturing

Automation: Automation paves the way for greater productivity. But when it comes to maintaining precision, it may not be an easy task all the time. So, the real challenge is not automation but keeping a high degree of precision in an automated environment. 

Accuracy: Accuracy is what customers look for; they crave lifetime consistency. So, what drives the requirement for accuracy? It is the same product lifetime factor. A tool’s lifespan largely depends on the microgeometry of its cutting edge. It means two tools of the same design may not have the same lifespan because of a lack of accuracy in any of the products. So, cutting tool makers have to be extra careful while measuring geometry. 

Finish: Fine tool manufacturers may have to struggle with achieving finish at times. The good part? It is not different from the above—the better the accuracy, the more consistent the finish. A slight geometrical error in the cutting tool will directly affect the final product and its finish. If you manage to get the accuracy part right, the finish comes as an added advantage effortlessly. As you can see, accuracy plays a crucial role in determining customer satisfaction – you must have repeatability.


How ANCA CNC machines help improve grinding outcomes

Manual production lines may not help you touch the desired productivity mark. So, what’s the solution? A network of CNC machines from a trusted manufacturer, such as ANCA, can get the job done without compromising efficiency and accuracy. Keep in mind that it is essential to have a good communication network in place to which you can connect each CNC machine. 


Here are the top benefits of using ANCA grinders:

Quality: Some ANCA machines use optional lasers to measure tools during the production process. It helps ensure that they meet the desired design specifications and standard requirements. Lasers also help operators check the current position of the work and fix any errors, leading to improved quality and reliability. 

Strength: ANCA machines are designed with durability in mind. As they are supposed to work with materials like steel, they are made robust to ensure maximum reliability. It helps manufacturers with the peace of mind of not having to invest in a new machine too frequently. You can expect top-notch performance for an extended period while achieving the desired quality in tools.

Flexibility: With ANCA grinders, flexibility comes as an obvious benefit. These machines support rapid loading and unloading of parts while the machine is functioning. It means the user can expect better productivity for reduced risks. 


Tips for success

Here are some tips that will help ensure the highest chances of success:

    Strive to achieve quality power. It is crucial to check the electrical arrangements before installing your ANCA machine. You should make sure to check the earthing, transformers, circuit components, and quality of products used and whether they’re in top-notch condition. Also, ensure that the system meets the power requirements of the machine.

Another thing to keep in mind while making the electrical system work-ready is to check if there are any noise-generating elements. Machines such as electric welders may negatively impact the machine’s performance or even cause damage. 

    Check the floor condition. ANCA recommends level concrete floors for its machines. Make sure the floor is in good shape with no expansion joints or cracks. Also, you should avoid an area with equipment causing vibration. 

    Don’t ignore the compressed air. The next thing to mind is compressed air to be used for your ANCA machines. ANCA grinders require a low-pressure air purge to avoid contamination in servo motors and spindles. You should make sure that the compressed air supplied to the machines contains no contaminants or liquids, such as water or oil. 

As per ANCA, the air compressor device used for the ANCA grinder must meet the ISO 8573-1 Class 4 standards and have an air dryer installed. As humidity may cause expensive failures through condensation in motor windings, an air dryer is essential. Needless to say, you should ensure that a technician maintains the air compressor regularly to keep the air quality in place. 

    Find the proper coolant system. The coolant system must be below the ANCA machine’s coolant outlet level in height. That’s how it will best support the gravity return of the coolant to the system. Prefer an oil-based filtered coolant and avoid water-based coolants? Faze Tools has custom-made coolant systems at significant savings!


Key takeaways

    ANCA is the leading manufacturer of CNC grinders.

  ANCA machines help fine tool manufacturers achieve the desired quality, precision, and finish.

    Regular maintenance helps keep your machine up and running without a hassle. 

    It is essential to work with ANCA experts to avoid downtime and associated inefficiency issues. 


The bottom line

ANCA CNC controllers offer unmatched flexibility for manufacturing tools for diverse applications — thanks to the powerful software that allows fine tool manufacturers to program their machines for various requirements. 

The key to success is to work with ANCA CNC grinder machine specialists, who know everything about these machines, understand their complexity, know when and how they fail and have the expertise to keep them up and running. That’s the only way to achieve the desired results while keeping your processes unaffected from sudden failures, ensuring little to no downtime. 

At Faze tools, we help ANCA grinding machine owners facing problems or looking for assistance with the maintenance or repair of their machines. Connect with Faze Tools to get your ANCA CNC grinder machines back online quickly and affordably while restoring their performance to their original specifications. Call us today at 586-790-4110 for a free consultation.

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