Choose Faze Tools for Your ANCA Grinder Rebuild or Repair if You Want Optimal Performance!

Choose Faze Tools for Your ANCA Grinder Rebuild or Repair if You Want Optimal Performance!

Choose Faze Tools for Your ANCA Grinder Rebuild or Repair if You Want Optimal Performance!Considering the utility of an ANCA grinder, experiencing machine downtime can be quite the challenge, especially if the tools it allows you to develop sit at the center of the nature of your business.

Whether a particular machine component is needed or you have precise requirements for a rebuild akin to a new machine based on your specifications, our team at Faze Tools Detroit handles a full range of repair jobs with outstanding precision.

Experts in Legacy ANCA Machines

Legacy ANCA machines can often be a concern because of their age. However, our team is adept enough to address whatever repairs may be necessary to keep your legacy machines in tip-top shape. You can rest assured knowing that your legacy ANCA will be returned in better shape than you left it. 

Our outstanding ANCA grinder rebuild process stands on the pillar of outstanding service thanks to a combination of industry expertise and the use of high-quality parts in all the jobs we do for our valued customers.

Minimize Downtime As You Await Your Rebuilt ANCA Machine

We know better than most what it takes to keep ANCA CNC machines running, which is what makes our repair service as outstanding as it is. Whether it’s the spindle on your grinders or another component, our rebuild process is guaranteed to get your unit back on track.

Regardless of how efficient grinders can be, all equipment has a lifecycle. When that time comes, you may feel as if you need to purchase a brand new CNC grinding machine. However, this does not have to be the case if you are looking for a cost-efficient fix. 

We are in the business of ANCA  rebuilds that sits on a sturdy foundation of high-quality parts and decommissioned machines. Our team meticulously restores ANCA units to their original specifications, which we can then make available to customers.

The Faze Tools ANCA Grinder Rebuild Process

What is the proven process we use to repair and service ANCA machines for our clients? Well, it boils down to two major elements: Evaluation and Execution. 


We must begin by conducting multiple tests to get a feel for the requirements of the job. After all, we intend to give you the operational capacity of a new machine once our repair service is complete.

This element of the service is conducted at the component level. In other words, we carefully evaluate each component both in isolation, as well as in its functional capacity with others.


Once we understand the extent of the repair needed for your ANCA grinding machine, our technicians begin to execute the said repairs, while doing restoration and calibration as necessary.

Faze Tools Detroit is truly unique, as our shop also has a full-service paint booth. Our paint booth will restore the “as new” appearance back to your ANCA CNC grinding machine. 

Working with Your Original Specifications in Mind

If you opt to buy your ANCA machine from Faze Tools, we are acutely aware of the fact that whatever we offer must support your company’s needs and mode of operation efficiently.

Thankfully, our many years of experience in the ANCA world allow us to serve a consultative role. Through effective communication, we ensure that the correct machine model will align with your needs.

We understand the investment being made from a cost perspective. Our integrity would not allow us to provide you with anything less than the best for your money. 

Why the Faze Tools Service is Essential to Ensure Proper Functioning of your ANCA Machine

Our ANCA service suite includes a maintenance offering to ensure that your machine can continue to operate at the capacity it needs to be to serve your company effectively. Now, you may begin to wonder why this is necessary and how Faze Tools fits in.

The Importance of Proper Maintenance

First, maintenance of your ANCA machine is non-negotiable. Industrial machines are often thought about in a different light from cars, for example. However, the principles of maintenance are the same across both.

If your car isn’t maintained properly then wear and tear, degraded oil and fluids, and other internal and external flaws can lead to the machine reaching the end of its useful life much earlier than is intended.

Proper and consistent maintenance yields a fraction of the cost that you would incur in searching and purchasing a new machine, especially when your warranty has expired.

ANCA and Machine Repair

On the one hand, your company may be able to address the ANCA repairs on its own. However, that’s the exception and not the rule. This is where Faze Tools comes into the fray by bridging an extensive gap between the manufacturer and necessary service to the machine.

Typically, you may call on a manufacturer whether within or beyond the confines of a warranty for repair. This manufacturer, however, does not offer this service. So what will you do as a customer? Bear the cost to purchase a new one? 

Although that is precisely what the manufacturer may be hoping for, there’s no need to replace your CNC grinding machine as Faze Tool’s mechanics offer a comprehensive field service. After you contact us, we can quickly be at your facility to assess and fix the unit.

Though our team is committed to timely repairs, the time it will take to resurrect your machine will depend on the condition we receive it in. Not to worry, though, Faze Tools is able to swap your machine with a new one to ensure you have no downtime in your manufacturing.

We can promise that the wait is worth it! Our knowledge of these machines allows us to often provide you with more than just cost-efficiency. Through software updates and other methods, Faze Tools can oftentimes turn around a rebuild that is updated from its previous software.

What Makes ANCA CNC Machines Special?

If you’ve been using ANCA CNC grinding machines for any significant length of time, you likely don’t need us to reiterate the massive amount of potential that they provide for your business. Punches, endmills, PCD tools, and more all become possible with one of these units in your corner.

You could support a fully automated technology setup to run a production factory without the need for human input.

ANCA applications are seemingly endless, which is why a repair, service, or rebuild is so important when things start to go downhill with functionality or general performance.

Why Should You Count on Faze Tools’ Dedicated ANCA Service Experience?

You would’ve gathered by now that Faze Tools is here to support you through your ANCA rebuild, repair, or maintenance needs. Here are some of the reasons you should allow us to do so.

The People

Our technicians are highly qualified and experienced in ANCA operations. Simply put, no one knows the industry the way we do. If proper functioning and tolerances are to be restored in an ANCA machine, we should always be the ones counted on to do so.

The Art of Assembly

Take spindle assembly, for example. A typical technician will not get the job done. Our specialized skillset makes us intimately familiar with the details required to execute assembly jobs.


Even with our expertise, we don’t exercise hubris. Testing is mandatory after an ANCA rebuild or repair to ensure you get the value you deserve.

Keeping You at the Center

The quality ANCA maintenance service only works so well because we work based on your needs. This is the best way to maximize customer satisfaction.

What Else Does Faze Tools Offer Besides a Repair Service?

Faze Tools is a one-stop shop. Apart from our maintenance and repair, there’s a paint booth, parts shop, and even a selection of refurbished ANCA machines for purchase. At Faze Tools Detroit, it’s all about saving you time, money, and labor.

The Bottom Line

FazeTools is the Midwest’s only non-manufacturer ANCA grinder specialist. Located in Michigan, top-tier services are delivered to a host of clients in the areas of repair, rebuilding, and general maintenance. Call us at (586) 790-4110 to learn more and book a service now!

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